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Summer camp activities includes weekly technology classes, like
digital photography and animation. Daily math and language art activities, incorporated in fun ways.

  • summer_camp_edison_nj_little_treasures_Art_Craft

    Arts & Crafts

    Provide patience and innovative minds. To enhance this ability we have introduced creative activities.
  • summer_camp_edison_nj_little_treasures_computer

    Computer Classes

    The Computer curriculum meets or exceeds the National Educational Technology Standards.
  • summer_camp_edison_nj_little_treasures_science

    Science Classes

    A research based Math program using hands on learning experiences which builds concepts.
  • summer_camp_edison_nj_little_treasures_swiming

    Springwood Swim Club

    Summer without swimming is boring. We provide fun trips to swim club.
  • summer_camp_edison_nj_little_treasures_park

    Merrill Park

    Kids love to go on sildes and rides at the park. In a group they play many group games like tag.
  • summer_camp_edison_nj_little_treasures_chuck_e_cheese

    Chuck E Cheese

    All time favourite, fun place. Our little campers wait for the day to go to Chuck E Cheese. Name says it all.
  • summer_camp_edison_nj_little_treasures_ice_cream

    Ice Cream Treats

    Ice cream, Ice cream!! Kids want it all. Campers get scheduled ice cream treats & surprise ice cream treats.
  • summer_camp_edison_nj_little_treasures_In_house_movie

    In House Movies

    Campers enjoy to watch in house movies. On extreme hot day campers get movie time.

Summer Camp In Edison NJ

Take a peek at Summer Camp.

Being a parent, it’s important to see the school before enrollment. To Make it easier for our parents, we have virtual tour and photos, you can also visit us. We would love to meet you!


Summer Camp Fees For 10 Weeks

5 Days ……………… $3,300
3 Days (M,W,F)……..$2,175
2 Days(T,TH)……….. $1,500

June 21st – August 29th

Optional Lunch For 10 Weeks

5 Days ……………. $245
3 Days (M,W,F)….. $145
2 Days(T,TH)……. $100

June 21st – August 29th

* Sibling Discount…………15% *
* Referal Discount…………$300

* Weekly rate of $375 is available for minimum of 4 weeks for 5 days a week.
Ages 5-9 have a child to teacher ratio 12:1 (field trip ratio is 8:1).
Enrollment requires a $500 deposit for each camper. Remaining balance is due in 2 equal payments on May 25, 2018 and June 25, 2018.

Field trips & Shows

While School Is Out The Little Treasures Learning Center Summer Camp Is In.